Dr. Robin Barstow

Hope Woods Spring Path

Dr. Robin Barstow is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker and founder of MINDWELTH, a holistic mental health private practice. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and The Work are the foundation of MINDWELTH. She also practices on herself daily, and that experience informs her understanding of these methods. Dr. Barstow holds a MA from Columbia University, a PhD from Yale University, and a LCSW from the University of Maine. She has extensive training and knowledge from working inpatient and outpatient, with both children and adults. She offers walking-and-talking sessions, (what the Japanese call, “forest bathing”) outside in Hope Woods, sessions in the office or sessions via Telehealth.

Intelligent. Holistic.

The techniques of Aaron T. Beck, MD, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Byron Katie, The Work, are intelligent because these methods are evidence-based and universal. They are holistic because these methods incorporate the western medical model and the eastern spiritual model of health. You begin to understand your own mind, your own unconscious habits and a way out of confusion. You learn to see what is troubling you in a different, loving light.

Reassuring. Simple.

These methods are reassuring because they are effective. They are simple because they are easy to understand.

Practical. Profound.

These methods are practical because by questioning stressful thoughts, you discover your own internal wisdom and what you most want. They are truly profound because finding peace of mind is happiness.

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